Face to Face Personal Counseling

Nothing is better than a personal touch that’s why our center is always open for your help.

On-Call Counseling

We know in this busy schedule every time visiting center is not convenient for everyone that’s why our on-call counseling service gives you the convenience to get your regular counseling session from home

WhatsApp Counseling

Network issue /busy schedule no worry WhatsApp counseling will give you the convenience to getting your session done at any time anywhere without taking a break in your daily activities.

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Psychological Counseling Center

The psychological counseling center is the first of its kind center in the region which provides services like career counseling, psychological counseling, treatment on various mental issues like depression, anxiety, phobia, panic attacks, loneliness, extreme introversion, shyness, love breakups, relationship issues and on various psychological problems. Our affordable cost and friendly environment and 24/7 support give you the best in the class experience.

Call us 24/7. We can answer for all your questions.

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Ankit Burle

CEO of Psychological Counseling Center

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Our goal is to help our customers be satisfied and solve problems when leaving, we are not seeking profits that we want to share, sympathize, help you solve your worries and troubles. This sleek metallic tower stands out from surrounding buildings, and is set to transform.

Experienced Certified Psychologist

We are confident of our capabilities.

Affordable Rates

We assure a very reasonable price, keeping customers is criteria.

Counseling in Regional Language (Marathi)

We know you understand Marathi better.

24/7 Emergency Support

We always support you anytime you need our help, so remember at any time.

Various Options Available

As per convenient - On-call or WhatsApp counseling.

100% confidentiality

Your personal information is secured with us.

Open Heart Your Story To Us

Each one of us wants someone to talk to, we will listen to you with all our heart



Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work
together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Popular Question

We have answers to common questions people ask

The psychologist is a trained professional who provides counseling treatment for day-to-day life problems such as anger issues, marriage problems, as well as a therapeutic treatment for mild depression, anxiety, loneliness, phobias, etc.

A psychiatrist is a medical degree holder doctor who did his masters in psychiatric medicine, where a psychologist is a trained Profesional with an MSc degree in psychology (non -medical background) who has the training to provide psychotherapy and the counseling only.

For sever mental disorder like mania, schizophrenia, ghost possession, sever and major depression psychiatric medicine are required at the first after some relief, and recovery counseling treatment is recommended by the psychologist.

For Mild depression, anxiety, phobia, behavioral issues, loneliness anger issue, suicidal behavior, career counseling day-to-day life problem you should visit a psychologist.

Because of a psychologist is not a medical degree holder doctor it can’t provide medicine.

For different kinds of problems, different therapies are required, sometimes more than once. There are various time-efficient practical base therapies available such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy}, talk therapy, psychotherapy, etc.

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