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The psychologist is a trained professional who provides counseling treatment for day-to-day life problems such as anger issues, marriage problems, as well as a therapeutic treatment for mild depression, anxiety, loneliness, phobias, etc.

A psychiatrist is a medical degree holder doctor who did his masters in psychiatric medicine, where a psychologist is a trained Profesional with an MSc degree in psychology (non -medical background) who has the training to provide psychotherapy and the counseling only.

For sever mental disorder like mania, schizophrenia, ghost possession, sever and major depression psychiatric medicine are required at the first after some relief, and recovery counseling treatment is recommended by the psychologist.

For Mild depression, anxiety, phobia, behavioral issues, loneliness anger issue, suicidal behavior, career counseling day-to-day life problem you should visit a psychologist.

Because of a psychologist is not a medical degree holder doctor it can’t provide medicine.

For different kinds of problems, different therapies are required, sometimes more than once. There are various time-efficient practical base therapies available such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy}, talk therapy, psychotherapy, etc.