What to do after 10th : Career Counselling in India

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What to do after 10th: Career Counselling in India


Career Counseling after 10th class: What to do after 10th class? The Ultimate Guide to a Better Life – Science or Arts – after tenth? Commerce or Administration? What to do after the 10th in India?

These are the many doubts of Indian students after completing the class 10th. To clear all these doubts, read the complete article.

Psychological Career Counseling in India offers you the best and most effective solutions to all your doubts.

Why do we need Career Counselling?

Career Counseling is the most effective way to choose your course. You can make the right choice depending on your interests, talents, aptitude, and skills.

There are many career counseling centers located in different cities, but we also provide you with online counseling for your career at the psychological counseling center. As a result, you need not go far.

Career Counselling is the most important thing. We do not want to get a job or do work we don’t like. Moreover, we wouldn’t want to study those subjects we are weak in.

But it is so confusing with so many options available. That’s where Career Counselling comes to rescue us.

What are the options available after class 10th?

Indian schools offer different courses such as Business, Advertising, Accountancy, Engineering, Health and Medical, Human Rights, Law, Marketing, Social Sciences, and Education. They conduct entrance exams for students and take admission as per the results of these tests.

In addition, we have several online courses too.

How to choose the Career Path after the tenth?

Know all about the Options

We all generally believe that there are only three options after the tenth. For example, we think it’s only Science, Commerce, and Arts. But that’s not only it.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications, Intermediate Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications, and Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology. These courses have been developed to prepare students for the highly competitive jobs available in the market today. It means you can get decent earning jobs after studying these courses.


There are also various institutes offering online or distance learning programs such as Bachelor of Science in Education Technology (BSET), Education in Business Administration, Education in Finance and accounting, and Education in Health Care.


The Bachelor of Science in Education Technology program is a two-year course that will provide you with the basic foundation knowledge required to start a career as an Education Technology specialist.


Test your skills by getting Career Counselling Online

A career quiz, also known as an Aptitude quiz, is a form of test that can help you find out what types of occupations or jobs could be a good match for you based on your interests, abilities, and personality.


Questions on the following subjects are often asked in these quizzes:

What you look for in a career

What kinds of professions do you want to pursue?

Your working style in general (e.g., independent vs team-oriented, slow vs fast)

What are your workplace strengths and weaknesses?


Career aptitude assessments will provide valuable insight into the careers that are ideally suited to your talents and personality.


The best part is that the career aptitude tests are unbiased assessments of your interests.


Find a psychologist online and do Online Chat Consulting

Finding a psychologist Online is easier than ever. All you need to do is type Psychologist in Bramhapuri or Psychologist in Bangalore or Online Psychologist in Bramhapuri.


The online psychologist provides various services that can help you choose the right career path easily.


In addition, if you are hesitant to go and visit a local psychologist due to the covid-19 Crisis, it’s best to choose Online Chat Consulting at https://psychologicalcounselingcenter.in/. You can also do video chat at the ease of your home to get the right advice.


When it comes to getting career counseling in India, It’s best to hire an expert online. The reason is the marketplace keeps on changing every day. With so many options out there, one gets easily confused about what to choose. In such a case, having an expert opinion can be profitable in the long run.


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