How To Teach Kids Good Touch And Bad Touch

How to teach kids good touch and bad touch
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How To Teach Kids Good Touch And Bad Touch

Good Touch And Bad Touch, this is the most crucial topic for any parent. However, as necessary, as it is, parents aren’t able to discuss it with their children.


The reason can be anything. Many parents feel the kids are too young to understand this. 


Or some parents aren’t confident in communication.

Therefore, In this article, we will learn about How to teach kids good touch and bad touch.

But before getting into the topic, let’s understand bad touch and good touch.


Good Touch Bad Touch

Understanding Good Touch Bad And Touch and Their Importance

We all can effortlessly understand bad touch and good touch. 


In simple words, good touch means where we are comfortable and feel the warmth of the other person.


On the other hand, Bad touch is just the opposite. It is touch that makes us uncomfortable, and we might feel bad after it. 


We can also feel the other person shouldn’t touch our body.

The importance is self-explanatory. 


If we aren’t taught the difference between bad touch and good touch at a young age, it can cause severe trauma in the future.

Moreover, if you don’t teach kids the importance of understanding the difference between them, They will continue to suffer alone and in silence.

No one wants that. So let’s look at some tips to teach your kids about this valuable topic.


Tip 1 Start the topic about touch in Polite Way.

teaching Kid

The topic is crucial, and the kids might not be interested or able to understand this in one go. 


Yes! That happens. But let’s understand from the kids’ point of view.

The kid might have undergone such a bad experience and won’t want to share it. 


In addition, the kid might have opposed the bad touch, but nothing happened.

Therefore, it is important to be patient and polite to start the discussion. 


Additionally, don’t go at them straight with the conversation at any time.

Please make sure the kids are in a situation where they are ready to listen and understand. 

It can be at the dinner table, playing fun, or reading books together.

You can also introduce them to the educational videos for good touch and bad touch while having dinner or use books to help them understand it better.


Tip 2 Talk more confidently about private parts with kids

Teaching Kids Good Touch Bad Touch

Talking about private parts with the kids can be a bit difficult. But it isn’t impossible.

Talking to them about private parts is essential. 


You should be able to make them understand it is their body, and no one is allowed to touch them without proper consent.

Wondering how you can do that? Well, you can do this with swimming suits. Yes! Swimsuits cover private parts only. 


Therefore, you can help them by telling them that the organs swimsuit covers are their private parts and no one should touch them.

Moreover, you can use medical words for the private parts so that your children do not feel ashamed while talking to you.


Tip 3 Understand and Encourage them about telling their experience.

Bad Touch Girl

This tip is one of the leading points when teaching kids about bad touch and good touch. 


Kids can understand better when they are telling their experiences.

Therefore, before you try to give them a lecture, first understand their experience. 


Ask them if they have experienced any bad touch which made them uncomfortable.

You can also ask whether he or she feels forced when someone touches their body or asks them to tell about who they don’t like to touch.

If the answer is Yes! Then you can resolve it by providing solutions. 


If the answer is No, then you can encourage them to understand this, and if it happens in the future, the tips to prevent it.


Tip 4 Enlighten yourself by listening to advice from a Psychologist



All the points mentioned above are great. But there is one more crucial point, and that is talking to a Psychologist. 


Yes! A psychologist can be a great help in this.

If you doubt, your kids aren’t comfortable with you, or you might need some additional tips, you can talk to an expert psychologist at The Leading Advisory for Your Care.

Hiring a Psychologist will help in this discussion and provide better guidance for both the parents and kids to tackle these situations. 


Moreover, kids feel more comfortable when talking about topics like these to psychologists. 


The reason is psychologists can understand the kids due to their study and experience.

However, it is important to note that it is ok to talk to psychologists with kids. They can provide you with deep insights at affordable costs and at any time.


1. Children should be treated with politeness, patience, and understanding when discussing sensitive topics like good touch and bad touch.


2. Teaching children about appropriate touch and boundaries helps them develop a healthy sense of body autonomy and empowers them to seek help if needed.


3. Parents can create a safe and supportive environment by actively listening to their children and responding with empathy and reassurance.


4. Age-appropriate language, examples, and resources can be used to teach children about good touch and bad touch.


5. Encouraging open communication and support can help children feel safe and confident in coming forward with any questions or concerns.