Why motivation from the videos and the seminar doesn’t last long

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Why did motivation from the videos and the seminar doesn’t last long?


Whenever we feel depressed or worried the quickest possible help we can get is from motivational videos there are tons of options available on YouTube.

But do you ever wonder the effect of these videos doesn’t-sustain for a longer period it fades away in a few days or if we built up a habit of continuously watching these videos you will realize that the motivation doesn’t even sustain for the day you will end up at the day feeling anxious and the depressed again but do you wonder that why this happen? What is the reason behind it? Well, there is some possible reason behind it.

It is extreme

One of the possible reasons behind it is that motivational videos have a very high intensity which gives us the quickest relief from the stress and gives us joy in just a few minutes but it is the proven theory that if anything is happening extremely it also will get vanished in the same speed.

They are not personalized

Generally, we see videos that how to deal with depression, anxiety which also work for a short period but don’t work for a longer period most of the time the reason is that they are not personalized for you those are general videos every individual has a unique personality, different mindset and there are also other different factors such as inheritance, family issues effect from the surrounding, mindset considering this factors every individual required a different approach and the personalized therapeutic plan which is not possible with common motivational videos.

Sometimes can make the condition worse

If you are suffering from depression and procrastination or the helpless condition at such time motivational videos can make your condition even worse the reason is the presentation and the information shown in the video are inspiring but also can create guilt and shame in the person because he hasn’t achieved anything like things shown in the videos and because of that it can make the condition even worse.


so seeking help from a professional counselor, or a psychologist is always a good choice rather than experimenting on our own.


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